Resources & Links

The following links provide great resources to learn more about grace, help in your study tools, or to help you in your walk with Christ.

GraceLife Ministries

*GraceLife Church has gone with Dr. Charlie Bing on numerous mission trips and he has been a frequent speaker at GraceLife Church


Free Grace Alliance

*an alliance of other Free Grace Churches


Grace Evangelical Society

*promoting the clear proclamation of faith alone in Christ alone for Eternal life


Net Bible 

*an excellent Bible study tool


Sonic Light

*free commentary notes from Dr. Tom Constable of Dallas Theological Seminary


Dallas Theological Seminary

*seminary promoting and training men and women to the teaching of God’s Word verse by verse and passage by passage


Southern Evangelical Seminary 

*seminary training students to rightly divide the Word of Truth through systematic apologetics


Dr. Barry Leventhal

*Dr. Leventhal is the Provost and Distinguished Professor of Church Ministry and Missions at Southern Evangelical Seminary


Dr. Gene Getz

*the Life Essentials Study Bible and over 1,500 Bible principles to live by